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Remembrance by Ravon Silvius

I recevied a copy of this book from the author in exchnage for an honest review. I really enjoyed this book. The world building was complex, and interesting. I love how the author's writing really fit the post disaster world she had created. The people, and places just seemed to fit, and make sense in that setting. I like how people had such varied reactions to their situation. They all seemed to act differently according to their personality, history, and character. I appreciated that. I'm not a fan of books where only the main characters have any sort of development. It makes for stale reading for me. I really liked Aldric. I liked how his past was slowly explored over the course of the story, and how his history worked with the history of how the world came to be as it is. I appeciated the author's sensetive handling of his trauma, and how that impacts his relationship with other people, and his personality. It felt honest, and it really gave me an appreciation of how hard it has been for him to just keep moving on. I liked the bond he formed with Daniel. Nothing felt like instant love, and I appreciated the time they took to get to know, and trust each other before love came into the picture. Anything faster would not have fit either one of the characters. I liked Daniel as well. I loved the role he is playing in the world, and how hard he is working to perserve the stories of the people around him. I had a little more trouble with his backstory, and since we never really get into his head some of his changes of heart later felt a little more awkward to me. Nothing too serious, but I would have liked a little more into his past relationship, and how he moved on. The plot was engaging, and well paced. It gave me a real feel for how the world came to be like it is, and what impact it has had on the people of the world. The history of this world is well reasoned, and I really loved how rational and cold the final decision was. I'm really looking forward to reading more of this series. A really well done first instalment.