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Bear Skin by Barry Lowe

One of the least erotic books I've read in quite some time, although I probably should have figured that out from the title. If you have to use the title to tell me that your erotic novel is hot chances are it is not. I'm not turned off by the idea of hair, but this book turned my stomach. So much of the sex was just nauseating. The descriptions ran to things like sloppy, greasy, and such that it wasn't attractive at all. The men ran in the same vein with so many of them being called trolls, or fat, hair matted, sloppy beasts. It's not that I want all my m/m to star svelte hairless nymphs, but being overweight, or hairy doesn't always mean you are a great, greasy, lazy slob. This leads me to what really bothered me about this book: the tone. There just seemed to be this vein of anger and bitterness woven through the book that made the sex feel more like the revenge of someone who had been wronged, than erotic sex. There was an undercurrent of meanness that was reflected in the ways the characters talked about their boyfriends, lovers, and other men that really made me uncomfortable, and turned me off entirely. The writing felt awkward, and the stories felt like they were trying so hard to push the envelope to be hot that it felt forced, and left me cold instead.