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Going Down For the Count by Cage Thunder

I received this book as an ARC thorough Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.


I had really hoped that this would be a fun, and sexy read. Maybe something a little sweaty, a little dirty, and a bit kinky. Sadly this was not to be. I’ll sum it up for you:


Some incredibly shallow, unlikable characters engage in some detailed, but mind blowing dull wrestling (the amount of words dedicated to wrestling outfits, and exact positing almost put me to sleep) wherein our male lead triumphs over sexy muscle boys, and in some truly terribly written sex scenes  makes these boys his bitch. Over, and over, and over again. It read like a young boy’s masturbatory fantasy. Actually it read like a very young boys revenge/masturbatory fantasy because there was an almost mean edge to the writing which made it less like a sexual encounter and more like violence and humiliation, and it made me almost uncomfortable to read. I also have to say it read like an ode to asses, and cracks. I swear that he never saw an ass that was less than beautiful.


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The characters did not help the story any either. None of them seemed to have any depth. The main character especially seems shallow, and underdeveloped. He seems to flit from man to man, and has very little loyalty to anyone besides himself and his own needs. He talks about how “in love” he is with Bill, who tells him flat out that they will never work, but still he moons over him while he fucks any number of interchangeable muscle boys over the course of the story. It changes a bit when he meets Mike, but even that relationship doesn’t seem to be really all that different from any of the others. They have some truly cheesy bad dirty talk, and some of the same old nasty sex. Then there is the guy in Texas, and more of the muscle studs. A friend talks to him about his feelings, and I swear that he changes his mind about things as his friend talks to him. He seems to have very little self knowledge, or thoughts about anything besides wrestling, and sex, and it grew really tedious to read.  


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The summary talks about him falling in love, but I didn’t know who they were talking about, and even after the epilogue  I was still wondering how I was supposed to know that these two were in love because there really wasn’t anything in the story or in the character’s attitude that made me believe that they were in love. The plot was non-existent, and it seemed to just be wrestling and sex scenes strung together with a bit of filler.  Overall a weak story that had nothing in the writing, the characters, or the plot to hold my interest or my attention.  I never knew wrestling could be quite this unsexy, but I guess I was wrong.


FYI – If I never read about another wrestling mask and outfit it will be too soon. I swear change those items to designer shoes and handbags and he would give an shallow woman in bad chick lit a run for her money. Oh, and mullets are NOT sexy, curls or no curls. Just no.


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