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Tristis Manor - J.R. Wagner Be forewarned this is not a light, or happy read at all. That said this is a beautifully written story of jealousy, abuse, and how a child survives and copes with the aftermath of trauma. This novella deals with physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse in a very frank manner. The characters were the highlight of this book. Margaret's young life has been full of more pain than any child should bear, but she preserves with the love of her family's staff, and her often absent father. She does the best she can to protect herself, and her younger sister from her unstable mother. I like that, while Margaret's mother is truly vile person, I was able to understand her past, and how a weak person like her could be so overcome with jealousy, and misdirected anger she could do the things she did, and allow what she did. She is not a sympathetic character, but she isn't simply evil for the sake of evil. I liked her father, and enjoyed the wisdom, and the understanding he provided. It was a shame work kept him away for so long. Maybe if he had been around more this story would have had a much different outcome. The staff was caring, and supportive, but I understood how their positions left them unable to help in many situations. There were no easy answers, no one clear right thing that someone should have done or not done in most situations in this book. The writing is beautiful, and haunting, but in no way glamorizes or makes light of the serious nature of the story. The ending is honest, and the actions and inactions of different characters have serious consequences. It is not a fairy tale ending, but it is not without hope either. I look forward to reading more, and finding you what happens to Margaret and her sister after this.I received an ARC of this book through NetGalley in an exchange for an honest review.