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Three Parts Dead - Max Gladstone I received a copy of this book from NetGalley, and I would like to thank the publisher, author, and Net Galley for giving me the opportunity to read, and review it.It was hard for me to shelve this book. It has aspects of Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, and even a little Science Fiction. An interesting blend, of magic, technology, gods, goddesses, power, reason, and faith. There is no info dumping. What you know about how power works is revealed throughout the story. I have to say I prefer that to having someone just tell me everything. I think it flows better when information is revealed as needed, or where it fits in the story. The characters are complex, and well developed. Tara is strong, and compelling, and I enjoyed finding out her history with the school that threw her out. It was also nice to have a bit of diversity without having it have to be a focal point of the story. Abelard is a smart, and complex character. It's nice to have a priest character in fantasy without him having to be the requisite "evil priest". He is truly devoted to his God, and you feel that while he struggles with the death of his God. For me this is where the blurb is a little misleading. It says "Her only help: Abelard" when that is far from the truth. Characters like Raz, pirate and vampire. I will pause my review here for a moment, and say vampires have never been my favorite, but the take on them in this story is fresh, and they aren't the major focus of the story. Cat, Abelard's friend, and vampire junkie; Elayne Tara's boss with her own dark history with the city and its deities. Elayne is one of my favorite characters, strong, and morally ambiguous she also has a sense of humor and compassion that turned, what in another book might have been the hard ass, into a more fully developed woman. The story is told from each of these character's point of view, and it added to my understanding of the people, and events unfolding. There was no break between different points of view in my ARC, but while it was confusing momentarily, if I was careful it was easy to pick up on, and didn't throw me out of the story. The nemesis of the story was well drawn, and evil in the best banal and bureaucratic sense of the word. The plot was wonderfully complex, and intricate. I was quickly absorbed by the workings of everything from the craft to the church's boiler system. The writing is beautiful, and gritty, and fit the setting perfectly. I look forward to reading anything the author decides to write in the future. I really enjoyed it.