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Lost Treasure - Kate Sherwood I really enjoyed this story. I loved seeing Kyle's growth over the course of the story. I really felt for him taken away from the one person who truly loved, and accepted him to live with two people determined to mold him into the person they want him to be. I really liked the idea of the bequests, and how simple things were able to change the lives and hearts of other people. I liked Ryan as well. He was an interesting character, and I enjoyed seeing his relationship with his son. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the son as well. He was charming, and sweet while still being a child. I liked how he was part of the story, and not just something used when the plot needed him. I liked the pacing of Kyle and Ryan's relationship, and how they didn't immediately get back together the minute they saw each other. They each had feelings that they had to work through before they were able to reconnect, and that felt much more natural and honest to me. A nice story about the meaning of family, love, and that which brings people together, and that which drives them apart. Really well written, and sweet without being to angsty, or cloying. Kate Sherwood is fast becoming one of my favorite authors.