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Advantage Crosse - West Thornhill POV changes made it very hard for me to follow what was going on, and I lost track of who was who in the shuffle more than once. I think I would have found it sexier if I had a better understanding of who the characters were, and their friendship before the events in this story. It felt like the all the "I love yous" came out of thin air, and who can sleep though being tied up especially in something as uncomfortable as a dining room chair (unless there were drugs involved and that would have made it even worse.) I also hated the way Greg (I think) kept calling Jeff "soccer boy". Once or twice might have been cute, but it was repeated to the point it made me think he didn't know his real name. I think had this been grounded by more solid characters, and a little less of a ridiculous set up it could have been a very sexy story.