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Surrogate Species - Mother Kali I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed this story. The plot was really interesting, and well done. M-preg is not one of my kinks, but in this story it served a purpose in the plot, and wasn’t simply there for the sake of it. I liked how developed the different races, and cultures were, and the difficulties their differences raised. I really enjoyed our protagonist. I felt the pain the curse caused both his people, and himself, and it was easy to understand exactly how desperate they were. I also appreciated his compassion as well. He was not a cruel male, and seeing the conflict between his practicality and his conscience. It added depth, and richness to what could have been simply erotica. The connection between the two felt honest. There was not love at first sight, no alien magic powered bonding, but the promise that what could have been terrible need not be, and that love, and respect are something that can be nurtured and grow over time. I loved the honor the main character had. Even thought the human didn’t have much of a choice the alien was committed to making sure that he did all he could for the future mother of his children, and making sure that his life would be as good as he could make it. I liked the patience he had with the human, and how understanding he was. There was none of that alpha you're mine attitude and you will do whatever I want and like it. It made a hard story just a bit easier for me to swallow. I really wish there was more I’d love to see how their relationship develops, and whether or not the alien finds enough power to improve the lot of the other humans being held at least a little bit. Not a long story, but a powerful, and complex tale, and more than the smut I was expecting. The nursing was a bit much, but I liked how it highlighted the cultural, social, and biological differences between the alien races and the humans.