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Timshel - Lillian Turner I really enjoyed this book. The plot, and the setting were well developed, and interesting. The cultures, and religion are fully formed, and play an integral role in the lives of the characters, but I never felt as if all the information was dumped on me at once, or in an unnatural manner. The characters were well formed, and compelling. It was nice watching them learn, and develop over the course of the story. The bond between Eiland and Charon took time to develop, and mature, and I appreciate that there was no instant love, or soul mate nonsense. The secondary characters added a lot to the story, and I liked seeing their impact on the main characters, and their journey. The bandits, and Charon's friends were personal favorite. Overall a really nicely done fantasy tale, and I liked the fairy tale inspired opening and ending. This and other reviews from Elspeth and me can be found on our blog