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Chaos Magic - Jay Lygon Disclaimer: This review is in no way meant to be a attack and/or judgment of anyone who lives the D/S lifestyle. Anything I say is aimed at the characters, and they relationship dynamic they have in this story. I started this book not knowing it was D/S, and I kept reading even knowing it wasn't my cup of tea thinking maybe I would give it a couple of stars, and move on about my day. I was concerned by Hector's jealousy, the awful things he accused Sam of doing, the age gap, Hector's unceasing demands for perfection on Sam's part, Sam's history of abuse and his unwillingness to advocate for his needs, and Hector's unwillingness to listen to and to trust Sam. I wasn't loving it, but I wasn't hating it either until the end, and then the rage set in.Rant begins So, just when we got to the point where I thought things were going to improve things jumped the shark instead. They stage a sort of intervention for Hector and his abuse, and Sam is poised to jump out the window. Hector seems ready to give Sam the time and space he needs to heal, and for Hector to learn to deal with his jealousy in healthy ways, and then all of a sudden Sam forgives him. I mean literally one minute he is breaking down, and the next "words had so much power. Words spoken in love had a magic of their own. Love was worth living for right?" Then he blows off his friend's concerns, and the words of his counselor, and he has Hector brand his ass, and they have some truly kinky sex. This made me so mad I had to resist the urge to throw my kindle. Marcus, his friend, is treated as jealous, interfering, and close minded. Marcus who helped Sam through Sam's last abusive relationship, and then saw Sam freaking out because your other friend passed out on Sam's (sorry Hector's after all Hector has to take over all of Sam's life because he loves him) bed. I can't imagine why someone who cared about Sam would worry over seeing him end up with someone so jealous, controlling, possessive, and violent. I mean controlling to the point Hector told Sam to quit his job, and close all his bank accounts. Brett didn't even know Sam offered never to see Brett again just to keep Hector happy. Domestic violence is not simply a concern between men and women, and to see to a story like this trivialize it, or have it cured by the healing power of the magic penis makes me see red. I knew a guy who was in an abusive same sex relationship, and to see how little respect, or understanding he received from his employer was terrible. They never would have treated a woman abused by her husband that way. This story reduces Hector's treatment of Sam to a simple argument, one they quickly get over with no actual work on the part of either of them just a few empty promises from Hector, and some sweet words.I'm going to walk away now.End rant (sort of)So, in summary, a book that I thought would be okay, not bad, but not great either, turned into something that made me very, VERYangry. This might come off a bit strong, but I have strong feelings when it comes to abuse, and hate this recent trend I've seen across many different genres that seems to minimalize abuse, or treat what has come to be known as warning signs of abuse as romantic.