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One Real Thing - Anah Crow, Dianne Fox I really did like it, but my discomfort with their relationship dynamic lead to to the four instead of five star rating. In the ending pages Nick thinks "This could have been something degrading or controlling, but it wasn't, it was right." I guess I don't understand how it isn't when he keeps thinking of Holly as sweet, and puppy like, and making comments about wanting him on his knees all the time, and his love of seeing him with his head bowed, or kissing his feet. I guess I preferred Holly when he seemed a bit stronger, and seeing him give into Nick all the time, and ask him permission for everything wasn't my cup of tea. That dynamic just makes me nervous. The potential for abuse seems strong. Not to say that Nick wants to abuse Holly, but giving someone that much power over you seems unwise to me.All opinions in this brief review are mine, and reflect my own independent nature, dislike of of controlling behavior and people, and my knowledge of domestic violence.