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Small Farm, Big Farm Boy (Growing Pains) - U. M. Lassiter I received this book as an ARC through NetGalley. My thanks to the publisher, author, and Net Galley for letting me read this. The plot was more than a bit absurd, but could have worked on a smaller scale. I think having him end up being 7ft tall and 600 pounds was just too much. Alex seemed like a good kid, more than a bit naive, but basically a good, if simple, person. I wish I could say something about Ryan, but I got no feeling for his character what so ever. I wouldn't have known they were dating if Alex hadn't said so, and they hadn’t fooled around a bit. I have no idea why they were together, or what kept the relationship going. The plot made me want to bang their heads together. Ok, I can see Alex might not have understood what was going on, but that Ryan just went along with everything made me think that he was an idiot. The writing style felt a bit clunky, and didn’t help the plot or characters.