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Promises Made Under Fire - Charlie Cochrane A sweetly, romantic love story set during World War I. I really enjoyed the period setting, and the author did a wonderful job making it feel authentic both in characters and setting. The attitudes, class structure, and interactions all felt like they were honest to the era, and nothing was done to make it fit today's sensibilities. I wasn't sure how much I'd enjoy the relationship between Tom, and Ronnie considering how they were brought together, but the letters were a sweet way for them to get to know each other, and slowly fall in love. I liked that there were no supernatural forces at work, and it was the character, and personality of both men that drew them together. I love the idea of the letters and how they helped Ronnie, and Frank keep in touch while hiding the nature of their relationship. It was a nice plot device.The ending was nicely done, and it fit the tone of the story. Steamy sex scenes (while nice) would not have fit the mood of the story, or the characters involved. Their connection felt real, and honest, and I ended up liking everyone involved. I appreciate the fact that Frank, as the former lover, was never demonized in order to justify Tom and Ronnie’s new relationship, and the fact that both men had cared for him, and appreciated him for the person he was, flaws and all. It added to my enjoyment of the story very much.A great read for someone new to the genre, or uninterested in graphic sex, or in the mood for a sweet, slow building romance.I received this book as an ARC through NetGalley. Thank you to everyone involved for letting me read, and review it.