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The Little Death - Michael Nava A really interesting, and well done mystery. I really liked the atmosphere, and tone of the story. It was dark, gritty, and there was a good balance of motivations, and personalities in the story so it never felt like there were characters that were too good to believed or just plain pure evil either. Sure there are characters that aren't good, but nothing like one that was just evil for the sake of evil.I did have a hard time buying the "love" Henry supposedly felt for Hugh Paris. I knew they had a connection, but Henry never fully trusted Hugh, and refused to believe many of the things Hugh told him while he was still alive. I wondered if love was almost an excuse, and if guilt was more the driving factor. I like that there is no clear cut romantic relationship, and that this story is very clearly a mystery. I look forward to reading more of these books. I like the messy feeling to the plot. Too often mystery stories have conclusions that are too simple, and pat. The questions have easy answers, and nothing feels unfinished. This felt much more like real life too me, and I appreciated that.