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Vessel - Sarah Beth Durst There were aspects of this story that I really liked, and there were other aspects that weren't as strong for me.I found Liyana to be very strong, and compelling especially in the beginning. I liked how practical, and blunt she could be. It was refreshing change from the whiny, self absorbed girls found in so much of ya literature. I liked her interactions with Korbyn. Their interplay helped keep the book interesting, and alive to me. However the secondary characters were weak, and ill formed. Apart from the vessel that didn't want to lose herself they seemed very thin, and shallow, and failed to hold my interest at all. The travel between the tribes seemed formulaic, and repetitive. I would have preferred something that felt a little less RPG quest, and more distinct. I wasn't a fan of the love story either. It seemed added on at the last minute. Considering Liyana's personality I can see her considering the Emperor for practical reasons, but to trying to convince me that there is a love connection there was a failure. Maybe if they had better chemistry, or more time together, or anything that convinced me that there was a reason they liked each other let alone loved. The magic is interesting, and well developed, and the religion of the tribes was unique, and interesting.Overall a good story, but not a great one.