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Bound For Keeps (Men of Honor, # 5) - S.E. Jakes Good, but not the strongest book of the series. The villain was a bit thin, and the chemistry between the characters was a bit off in places. I think I needed to see more of a connection between all three of them. Sometimes it felt like the chemistry only worked when they were in pairs. I liked the characters individually, and enjoy their understanding of what makes someone strong, and how to show vulnerability, and to open up to others is not weakness. I like how this book, and this series never fall into the stereotype of the omnipotent dominant partner and the passive submissive that nothing is set in stone, and everything they do together is about respecting, and meeting the needs of others. I also appreciate that there is no shaming of any of the partners for their needs, or desires. It makes these books that much sexier to me.