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40 Souls to Keep - Libby Drew The premise of this book seemed interesting at first, but the characters and execution left me wanting. I found Jase to be a very manipulative, and unlikable person. It seems like his power was wasted on him, and his petty and shallow self. Having worked customer service jobs the Burger King incident really pissed me off. He could have cost that kid his job, and he felt nothing. Sorry, I hate people who take advantage of other’s like that. Lucas's character was thin, and I never really felt the connection these two were supposed to have. I found the plot to be jumpy, and incoherent. The mystery felt contrived, and shallow. The conclusion was pretty anticlimactic, and by the time I reached it I found I had long since ceased to care. It’s not a bad book; just one that never engaged me enough to work up enough energy to like or dislike it to any degree. Had the mythology and plot been a bit better developed, the characters given a bit more substance, and Jase's manipulative tendencies toned down this really could have worked well.