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Cyberpunk Erotica - Ora Le Brocq Maybe it's just me, but when I see a book with a title like Cyberpunk Erotica, I expect cyberpunk erotica. I mean you proudly put erotica in the title, so I would think I wouldn't be wrong to expect it to be pretty damned erotic with a distinctly cyberpunk twist with all the bells and whistles that could go along with it. Alas this was not to be. This happened to be the least erotic, erotica I have ever read, and I have read some pretty unsexy erotica . The sex is practically non-existent, and one memorable scene takes place in her mind with her using her existing loser, abusive boyfriend, and some others and then picturing them as just the lovers she wants. Sorry, it’s just not working for me. I might expect a bit much from my erotica, but I would at least like the sex to be kinky and sexy I mean that is why I read erotica. Maybe if this had been billed as a dark, dystopian tale I wouldn't have felt as let down. As that kind of story it might have worked better. There is some pretty gritty story line, and the ending has that perfect sort of anti-happily ever feel. I'm not saying the plot is perfect. It's a bit jumpy, the evil corporation bit needed a better development, and I needed something more to convince me why she put up with the idiot she called her boyfriend. In the end it came down to expectations for me. Had I read this book under a different title (with some plot, and character work) I might have enjoyed this more, and had I read a book more fitting to the title I would have been happier. It felt like the title was a hook to draw people in, but once the reader was in they found that the plot the title seem to promise never materialized.