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Seven Kinds of Hell - Dana Cameron You can read this, and other reviews from Elspeth and me on our blog A Shared Brain Cell One of the better urban fantasy novels I've read in quite some time. I found Zoe to be a smart, and engaging main character. I liked her strength, her independence, and resolve. The secondary characters were interesting, and added a lot to the story. I wasn't wasn’t enamored with her love interest Will, but I think that's mostly because he didn't play a large part in the story line. That leads me to what I really liked about this story, the fact that the love story played a very small role compared to the main plot. It wasn't that it didn't exist, but that the more pressing issues, like her kidnapped cousin, actually took precedence over her love life. I did appreciate that there was no insta love, and that the bond she had with Will took time to build. I really liked that he made her wait until after she was out of his class before they started dating. I like that they started out as friends, and then became lovers. It made the feeling she had for Will all that much stronger in my opinion, and I liked that she broke it off with him to protect him, and not the other way around. It was nice to see a woman in such a protective role instead of being the one that was always being protected. She is tough, but she not to the point where it felt like she was ridiculously overpowered. I liked the take on vampires and werewolves in this story as well. It's always refreshing for me to read about a different mythology, and understanding than the usual. It was well thought out, and developed in the story, and I look forward to learning more about them.I liked how archeology figured into the story. It added a nice depth, and interest to the plot. I liked the respect afforded to the sacred sites of the ancients as well. It felt like they weren't treated as a novelty or a joke, but as important to the religion of the people they belonged to. Overall it was a very engaging story, and I'm very interested in seeing where things go from here especially after that twist of an ending.