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The Tradesman's Entrance - Cameron Vale An okay story of a sexual encounter between a repressed writer of bodice ripper romances and the plumber that comes to unclog his pipes. For me, the story moved just a bit too quickly, and Stephen's transition from hostility to sex was a bit too abrupt for me. I found the characters, especially Stephen, to be a bit too stiff. The characters didn't seem to have any sort of connection or chemistry, or even anything in common. I usually like witty banter, but it seemed more like ranting and whining, and some sharp jabs rather than a pointed back and forth. The sex wasn't all that sexy to me, especially when I expected erotica. It seemed like a porn set up that never quite was porny enough for me, and I don’t think the ending fit the story especially if you consider Dave’s rather promiscuous character.An expanded, and spolier filled review (along with other reviews from Elspeth and me) will be available at our blog. A Shared Brain Cell