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Distant Rumblings - John  Goode I have to say I really enjoyed this book. I found Kane to be an engaging main character. Growing up in a small town I can empathize with his desire to get away. I like that he read like a teenager, and that he was far from perfect. I found Hawk harder to take, and while he does makes some good points about human society, his arrogance, and high handed manner really grated on my nerves. That's when this book really worked for me, because instead of just giving into the boy he's falling in love with, Kane takes Hawk to task for his poor treatment of others, and for his rotten attitude. It was refreshing to see that no matter how much he felt drawn to Hawk that Kane wasn't blind to Hawk's faults, and often struggled with that sense of bonding. It made their quickly developing connection easier for me to take. The plot seems to be nicely complex, and I like that there seem to be a variety of characters involved for a multitude of reasons, and motivations. I especially liked the dark elf assassins. They were a nice touch, and quite different than I thought they would be. I look forward to reading the rest of the series, and seeing how the plot unfolds, and the characters continue to grow and mature.