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City Falcon - Feliz Faber At first I wasn’t sure how I’d like this story I was a bit frustrated with Mark, and how he treated Hunter until I remembered this story is set in 1994, and his fears were much more real, and the danger more immediate in those days especially considering his family history. I liked Mark, and even though I understand why he acted the way he did it was still hard to read in parts. I really liked Hunter. He was a strong, likeable character, and I respect him for his actions later in the story. The secondary characters were well drawn, and felt like they belonged to that time period, for better or worse. The falcons added a lot to the story, and I really enjoyed learning more about falconry. I also appreciated how AIDS worked into the story. Even though I was young during the worst of it, I went to a fairly progressive public school (VERY progressive) compared to some, and were taught about AIDS from a fairly young age. The fear, and the hatred that fear caused is something that should not be forgotten. It’s nice to see authors are still writing about it in a honest way. Some of the drama felt a little over the top, and I felt like the ending came a bit too abruptly. I would have liked to read more about what happens after the end. It felt like I needed a bit more to feel fully invested in the story. Not a lot, but another chapter would have made the ending feel a bit more natural, and more complete. I'm hoping that maybe there is more in the works. I want to know what the fallout from this story is, and how it affects both Nick and Hunter.