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Come Unto These Yellow Sands - Josh Lanyon I liked the feel of this story, and how it felt like the author understood the setting. I live in Maine, and too often authors who write about my home state don't do any sort of research, or base it on some abstract idea of what they think Maine might be like. Too much folksy charm or too many ignorant hicks. This felt like a small college town in the southern part of the state. I appreciate things like that.I enjoyed Swift's character, and his struggles. The specter of his drug addiction is a real force in his life, and something he will always be dealing with. I'm glad it wasn't candy coated in any way. He seemed like a fully formed person, and had real depth of character and motivation. For most of the book his relationship with Max felt flat to me. It seemed more like a relationship of convenience than love. I think it was because I was only given Swift's perspective, and his view of the relationship was colored by his insecurity. When Max became a bigger part of the story I felt like I got a better feel for the depth of their connection, and how much Max did love Swift. I think I would have liked to see more of this bond because even at the end it was hard to reconcile what Swift thought of their relationship with how he felt about it in the end.The mystery was interesting, but seemed to take a few leaps and jumps in different parts that I didn't necessarily always follow, and it seemed to wrap up a little too easily in the end. I did appreciate that it wasn't a completely neat ending, but it still didn't totally work for me.I really enjoyed how the Chose your own Adventure stories factored into the plot, and the beginning of each chapter. I think this was my favorite part of the story telling. The writing was well done, but at times it felt it dragged a bit, or was a bit dry. I liked it, but at times I’d find my attention wandering. Overall an enjoyable read, good, but not great.