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Chevalier Book 3: The Selfish Eye - Benji Bright I wanted to like this third installment more than I ended up liking it. I like Giovanni, his character is interesting, and I like the idea of a magician that no is really sure if he actually has powers, or if it's all just a ruse. The idea of the walled city, and the way magic operates is interesting, and the hierarchy, rakings, and the downside of moving up in rank and powers are all well developed, and laid out in this story. It's not that this story was bad, per say, it just wasn't developed well enough. The idea of the Selfish Eye is interesting, and I like his employer's purpose in finding it, but the whole process felt sort of ant-climatic. Not that I needed a whole song and dance production, but I still wasn't sure why the employer had the bring in a mercenary team to accomplish it. I liked Fox spirit, but I'm still not sure why he was needed, and what purpose he served for the women. The ritual surrounding finding the eye is still a bit fuzzy to me.Giovanni's relationship with his mentor is another sticking point in this story. I understand he felt taken advantage of, but it was too quick of a jump between them having a barbed conversation, and a blow job to Giovanni wanting him dead. He explains a bit more later, but it felt too little too late, and I would have liked to know just a bit more about how scarred Giovanni was by the experience, especially after finding out about Farrbiner's past. I don’t need some sort of heartfelt confession just something more about what fueled that sort of cold rage, and desire for revenge .I'm probably going to continue with this series, but I just wish there was a bit more substance. I don't mind having a story hint at things as long as at some point there is something more to it. As side stories to another more substantial series these would be perfect, but as they are they leave me a bit frustrated, and wanting more. .