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Triad - Lauren Dane While I enjoyed that Lee wasn't the typical timid, naive, virginal character, and her love interests didn't have the controlling, abusive vibe that seems to be popular in erotica these days; the clichéd plot, and hackneyed sex scenes didn't work for me. In places it seemed more silly than sexy, and reminds me why I usually avoid m/f erotica. I swear if I have to read about a woman’s “honey” one more time I’m going to lose it. The villains were of the mustache twirling variety, and as interesting as watching paint dry. Lee’s family was interesting, and her family’s spiritual practices were handled a bit better than some stories I’ve read. I liked their mythology, but the current conflict felt too overwrought, almost ridiculous, for me to care or connect. It wasn’t terrible just too melodramatic for my taste.