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Dream of Time - Nancy J. Price I received a copy of this book as an ARC through Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.Time travel has to be one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I don't know what it is, but something about being swept back in time to another era just does it for me. I wanted to love this book, but in the end I just felt like I wasn't able to become as involved with the story, and characters as I would have liked.Some of my problem with the story revolved around Robin. I found her to be a bit flighty, and often times thought she acted like a woman half her present day age. She find herself going back in time to another woman's body, and after a momentary panic, just sort of accepts things. She never really questions why it happens, or how, just that it must be the will of some higher power. I found this to be a pretty unsatisfactory explanation, and the fact she just easily accepts that made me a bit frustrated. I also didn't appreciate how easily she seemed to forget about her present day life when she became part of the past. Sometimes I found myself forgetting she was a mother until she made a passing mention of her children, or being a mother.Her children seemed almost more of almost a plot device than actual children. There were just a little too well behaved to be believed, and they only seemed to be around, or be mentioned when they were needed, and then they faded into obscurity again. If the character was the caring mother she seemed to think she was wouldn’t her children be more on her mind, and in her heart while she was in the past? She also seemed to take advantage of her neighbor's kindness in taking care of them, and she didn't seem all that grateful.I liked Travis, but he seemed a bit too good to be true. He had some of the prejudices of his era, but was easily talked out of them. He also seemed to accept Robin's story a little too easily. Sure he takes off for a little while, but after that he never seems to question it again. He also seems strangely uninterested in exactly why the time travel was happening, and how. I also felt that their love staory developed too quickly, and made it feel like instant love rather than the deeper connection the story seemed to insist that they shared. I found the plot to be more than a bit dragged out, and it felt like it took way too long before the main action of the story began. I also thought Robin's plots and schemes in regard to the main plot conflict were a little too Scooby Doo, and made me think of her as much younger than she was in either era. The villains were a bit too thinly drawn, and almost felt like cartoon villains. Although there were serious stakes at the end I kept waiting for one of them to say they would have gotten away with it if it hadn't been for those darn kids. The writing style was a bit too heavy handed, and the constant heavy handed foreshadowing via Robin threw me out of the story, and kept me from feeling fully engaged. The research was well done, but it felt a bit too inserted into the story, and often times didn't flow well. Overall not a bad story, but one that needs focusing, tightening, and maybe some work on character. I do have to say I was pleasantly surprised that the story didn’t end with the magical miracle I thought it might, and I did enjoy that.