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Divide & Conquer - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban Another installment of the series, and I'm just drawn deeper, and deeper in. I love watching Ty and Zane's relationship grow, and develop. I really enjoyed meeting Ty's friends, and I like the complications they added to the lives of our main characters. I was also really proud of Ty, and his honesty. That took courage, and I'm glad he was able to open up to the people who mattered so much to him no matter what the outcome, or the reaction. I really liked the plot, and it was engaging, and well developed. I liked the resolution, and that not everything is some vast international conspiracy, or the work of a deranged madman bent on world domination. Sometimes not everything that happens has a real reason behind it. I love the writing. The snarky sense of humor, the witty banter, and the bad puns just make me happy, and will keep me reading. A great addition to the series, and my favorite so far.