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I, Omega - Kari Gregg I really have no idea why I read this, so I'm giving it an extra star because it makes me feel more fair, and open minded. I found Gabriel to be too submissive for my tastes, and his flashes of independence made me think that this relationship was not something he truly wanted, and that the bond between him and his Master was more coercion and Stockholm syndrome than twu lurve. He is physically unable to tell this guy no, and has to be forced into setting his limits. He says he doesn't want a 24-7 D/S relationship, and then all of a sudden he does. It seems like his personal desires have been manipulated by the mating bond, and that is about as unromantic as you can get. I just see Gabriel as too much of a doormat, and that makes me sad for him. I wouldn't have minded the D/S aspects of the relationship if they felt better balanced as a couple, if I thought Gabriel could truly advocate for his own needs, and that Master could remove the stick from his ass and not act like he has to dominate Gabriel every minute of every day even when he tells Gabriel that he can relax (doesn't sound very relaxing to me.) It just goes too far for my personal tastes. With Gabriel such a willing victim the potential for abuse seems too real. Especially when the Master said his dream was to have a full time slave to wait on him 24/7. Sure he’s allowing (isn't that nice of him) Gabriel to work now (but only under some very limited circumstances), but what doesn't say that things are going to stay that way.I hated Master with every beat of my heart. He is the epitome of every overconfident, arrogant, controlling, bullying alpha male that lives in both het and m/m romance. The patronizing, condescending manner in which he talks to and treats Gabriel makes my blood boil. He sweeps in, sleeps with Gabriel consensually, but changes him without Gabriel’s knowledge or consent, stalks him, kidnaps him, and then uses werewolf biology and his own controlling nature to tie Gabriel tightly to him, sorry that doesn't sound like much or a whirlwind romance to me. Master is just too all powerful, and all controlling for me. I have a dark desire to read a novel where a man likes this gets broken by someone he considers to be beneath him, and that Gabriel finds someone he can have a healthier D/S relationship with. You know one that respects the life that Gabriel has built for himself, and doesn't want him to be a simpering, pandering, slave all the time. Someone who respects the person Gabriel is, but I digress.In the end I probably never should have read this, and going into knowing it wasn't going to be my cup of tea I was a bit more generous with the rating. I have no idea why I started this, and having started I have no idea why I read all the way to the end knowing that what I really wanted was never going to happen. I have issues, clearly.