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Puppy Love - Jeff Erno I was going to read this as an object lesson in why I shouldn't request books from lendle when I haven't read the synopsis or any reviews, but I have come to the conclusion that I don't hate myself quite that much. I would try to express how much I hated this story, the characters, and the lack of any real affection between them, but words fail me. Petey is obsessed, almost fanatically so, with Matt who sort of talks him into this "relationship." Petey knows nothing of D/S, bondage, or even that he is in fact gay, but he just goes along with what Matt tells him to do because he should "trust" Matt. He knows Matt has a girlfriend, and doesn't expect monogamy because who is he to make any demands of his hero Matt, but still has unprotected sex with Matt. He has no safe word, no limits, he just accepts everything Matt does to him, and tells him as immutable law. Petey has no sense of self preservation, and almost no sense of self. His entire world is becoming built on Matt, and Matt's needs. He has no thought of himself, or of his sister just Matt. I tried, and I made it more than half way, but the kink (water sports really?) combined with characters that made me want to pull my hair out did me in. All the time I was reading I kept reading Petey's voice as the 90's valley girl voice. He's supposed to be 19, but he reads like a stereotypical pre-teen girl all gushing and self pity, and it made this book even creepier to me. No thanks.