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Timing - Mary Calmes I have to say that there was a lot about this book I really did like quite a bit. I really did love Stef. His sense of humor, loyalty to his friends, and even his prickly and stubborn nature appealed to me. Maybe that’s because I might be just a bit stubborn myself. I found I was able to understand why Stef reacted the way he did to Rand. I truly respected how loyal he was to his friend, and their bond. It’s nice to see romance where bonds other than the primary romantic one are treated as equally important, and vital. I’m so sick of stories where characters need no one other than their romantic partner. Family, and friends all are important, and someone who tries to make their partner dependant on them alone makes my domestic violence senses tingle. It’s not romantic, it’s called isolation, and one of the big signs of a potential abuser. I have to say I didn’t find Rand nearly as appealing as I did Stef. I understand why he treated Stef the way he did, but it seemed more suited to a child rather than a 21 year old. Sure he’s young, but not quite that young. I found him rude, abrasive, and more than a bit overbearing. It was that overbearing nature that really rubbed me the wrong way. It seemed like this story was almost a re-purposed het romance novel with Stef as the female lead, and Rand as the alpha style male love interest. There was no variety to their love lives, and it made for very dull reading for me. I guess I’m sick of what I think of as this very static yaoi style romance. It seems to conform to the idea that one partner has to be the “man” and one the “woman”, and plays into all the old tropes of masculine and feminine sexual identity. I found the mystery to be more than a bit trite, and felt almost like an afterthought rather than an integral, or well developed part of the plot. I liked some of the banter between Stef and Rand, and I really enjoyed seeing Stef interact with his friends, and Rand’s family. The imbalance of power, and Rand’s possessive, and often patronizing attitude kept me from enjoying this quite as much as I would have liked. I will probably avoid this author in the future because I’ve heard she’s very fond of this yaoi style romance, and that is not my favorite dynamic.