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Between Sinners And Saints

Between Sinners and Saints - Marie Sexton There was a lot about this story I really do like. I appreciated the honest handling of Jamie's trauma, and the aftermath. It was honest, and didn't downplay what had happened to him in the least. I liked how the author handled Levi's family, and religion. I liked how each of his family members dealt with his sexuality in their own way, and there was no doubt that no matter how they felt about how his lived his life that they loved him. I liked that even characters you didn't like at first grew, and changed. It gave me some insight into Levi's religion, and I respected the strength of their faith.I was surprised that I liked Levi. In the beginning I didn't have any respect for him, but once he began to mature, and understand how his treatment of Jamie hurt him, I really began to like him. I liked Jamie as well. Striking out on his own was a brave move, and I respect that. He tries to deal with his fears as best he can, and even though it hurts his personal life, he made a professional life for himself in a field that challenges him. I liked how much Levi comes to support Jamie, and respect his issues. Once Levi realizes how serious things are he never pushes Jamie into doing things that would hurt him. He helps him open up a bit, but he never makes him do something that would push him too far beyond his limits.I did find the writing to be a bit much at times, and I thought once it came to the love plot I felt a bit let down. Levi turns into too much of a sappy wimp, and Jamie loses the more assertive side he was growing in favor of being a bit of a stereotypical bottom. It just felt too overdone, and too flowery for what had come before. I liked it, but I felt a bit let down by how the love story developed.