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Boy21 - Matthew Quick Going into this book I thought it was going to be a story about friendship, and how that changes each boy's life, but I was very disappointed. It felt like the friendship was never given the chance to develop, and was almost an afterthought, and not the central theme of the story like the synopsis seemed to suggest.I liked Finley, and I felt for his struggles, and his work ethic. I liked that not being a star basketball player didn’t keep Finley from working harder than the anyone else on the team. I liked how basketball was his refuge, and seeing him honestly deal with his jealousy of Russ, and his desire to keep his position on the team. His family was interesting, and well developed, but I spent most of the book wondering what had traumatized him, and when it was finally revealed it felt a bit too soap opera to be believed. I wasn't a fan of the romance either. I liked his girlfriend, but their relationship seemed to dominate the story, and overshadow the friendship plot which was a shame. I think it was how his girlfriend's family played into the mafia story that really didn't work for me.I liked the role the Irish Mafia played in the beginning of the book. The threat Finley, and his family felt, and the fear they had felt real closer to the end, and things sort of fell apart. Nothing that happened in the ending felt natural, or honest to the story that was told so far. Like Finley’s tragedy things just felt overdone, and the motivations of the players was unclear, they were willing to do terrible things, and that didn’t fit with the resolution of the story. It was almost a miracle sort of ending, and I didn’t like that.I found Russ to be very interesting, and I would have liked to see him and Finley develop a stronger bond of trust and friendship. I wanted that plot to develop, but it never really did. I wanted to see them get to know each other better, and watch their friendship grow, and I didn’t like that I felt cheated of that opportunity. I liked how Finley grew to understand Russ better, and see how the world Russ built helped him deal with the world, but I felt like that moved a bit too quickly, and was just sort of dropped.Overall it wasn't bad, but it felt like I never got the book the synopsis promised. The plot that I found most interesting seemed to be be dropped in favor of what I felt were the weaker aspects.