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Scorpion - Aleksandr Voinov A really well developed, and interesting start to a new fantasy series. I really like the world building, and I like how what I knew about the world and the people in it felt like it came naturally rather than big information dumps, or stilted narrative explanations. The balance of powers seems tenuous, and I enjoyed the snarl of politics and religion that was central to the story.I really enjoyed the characters. They are a nicely complex, and flawed bunch, and I loved the glimpses I got of the mix of personalities that made up the Scorpions before the start of the book. It made me a bit sad that they were gone because it would have been nice to see them all together a bit more. I liked how their group worked, and it was nice to see how loyal they were to one another. I found Kendras to be a strong, and interesting narrator. I liked his endurance, and his loyalty, and I look forward to seeing how things play out in the future. I wasn't as fond of his romance with the officer I guess to me it felt more like puppy love, or a crush on the part of Kendras rather than a mutual relationship. I felt like the office took Kendras' devotion a bit for granted, but that's probably just me. I spent most of the book waiting for The Officer to stab him in the back. I'm not sure why, maybe it was something about the synopsis, but part of me kept waiting for that situation to go south. The plot was nicely developed, and I liked the twists and turns it took. Just when I thought I knew how things were going to play out something happened to send it a different direction, and as someone who reads a lot of fantasy, I appreciated that. I liked how the story seemed to avoid easy answers, and stayed true to the world that was created. There were no changes to save characters from hard realities, or negative outcomes. Really well written, and I look forward to reading more, and seeing what happens from here.