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Tab Bennett and the Inbetween (Princess of Twilight and Dawn, #1)

Tab Bennett and the Inbetween (Princess of Twilight and Dawn, #1) - Jes Young An interesting story that to my mind showed promise in a lot of areas. The beginning was really well written, and left me feeling like I was there. It drew me into the story quickly, and had I been reading this in a bookstore I would have left with it. I was a more than a little hesitant when the love triangle started to develop. I'm deeply sick of the same old love triangle, and don't even get me started on the topic of instant love. When Tab when flaying across the lawn into Alexander's arms despite the presence of her fiancée I wasn't amused.Lucky for me, there was an explanation for her actions, and she later proves she has the ability to distinguish between lust at first sight, and love at first sight. I swear the skies opened up, fireworks went off, and she grew more in my esteem. Heck I think she could have a new career teaching other characters the difference. Maybe I’d like more of the new YAD books. I did appreciate that when she found out her secret identity she wasn't ready to pick out tiaras and start lording over people, and that she appreciated her simple life. The problems I did have centered mostly around the pacing of the story. Some things seemed to happen very quickly, and others seem to drag on. I understand the Tab is in shock, and understandably so, but the ups and downs seem a bit much. I also felt for a book told from Tab's perspective I was left out of her thought process a bit too much. I could deduce why she was acting the way she was, but it was never until later that she confirmed it. It left me feeling a bit disconnected. I also think the antagonist of this book came a bit out of left field. The antagonist does play a role in the story, but not a large one, and I would have liked to get a better feel for the character before everything starts to go wrong. I'm also just a little sick of the impossibly beautiful elves. I know it's more than a bit of a trope now, but when the one character who was described as plain has to become beautiful to be taken seriously it was a little much. Who is to say their standard of beauty is the same as ours.All in all I would say I liked it, and the ending shows promise to me. I liked the motivation of the antagonist, and I like that Tab took what that person said to heart. I look forward to seeing where the story goes from here.I received an ARC of this book from Net Galley.