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Tales from Foster High (Tales from Foster High, #1-3)

Tales from Foster High (Tales from Foster High, #1-3) - John  Goode A really well done high school coming out story. I especially enjoyed Kyle's voice. His views on life, and perspective were interesting, and I really liked his sense of humor, and his metaphors especially made me laugh. It's not really a mystery why I felt I could relate to Kyle on some level, but I was surprised by how much I liked Brad. When just seen from Kyle's perspective it would be easy to see him as some sort of jock stereotype, but once Brad's perspective was introduced he proved to a much more than he first appeared. I enjoyed seeing both boy’s view point. It made for a much richer story, and I could understand the fears, frustrations, hopes, and desires that brought them together, and drove them apart. Living in a small town makes me appreciate that there is no romanticizing of small town living, and the author captures the pitfalls, and traps that exists in places like that. I like the fact that Brad never denies some of the truly rotten things he has done, but seems resolved to do better by people. I like that characters make choices, and not everyone that seems bad in the beginning stays that way. The ending is triumphant, and the sort of conclusion I'd wish for any boy or girl in this sort of situation. I loved that in that moment Brad chose to take a stand, not just for himself, and for Kyle, but for all the other students at their school who were living with similar torment, harassment, and torture. It made me respect him all that much more.