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Dirty Laundry (A Tucker Springs Novel)

Dirty Laundry - Heidi Cullinan While D/S is not usually my cup of tea, the love, respect, understanding, and patience Adam and Denver have for each other made it work for me in this story. The lines are consent are crystal clear, and Denver goes to great lengths so Adam understand everything that is happening. They set limits, and boundaries together, and Denver never once pushes Adam into doing anything he isn't ready for, or doesn’t want. I also appreciate that it wasn't a magic bullet, and it didn't solve all of Adam's mental health issues, but was still something that satisfied a need they both he and Denver had , and helped the both in some very clear ways.I appreciate the honest, and sensitive manner in which Adam's mental illness was dealt with. His problems weren't relegated to some cute personality quirk, or something that made him totally incompetent. Denver doesn't have all the answers, and Adam has to reach out to others to help him learn to rethink his mental health, and to learn new ways of coping with his mind. I liked that Denver wasn't perfect, and had his own issues that needed to be dealt with. It was more than just the story of Denver helping Adam, or Adam helping Denver. It was the story of two people coming together to become stronger for themselves, and for each other. Two people who fall into love more than simple lust.The secondary characters are strong, and interesting, and I especially liked Louisa. Her strength, and friendship brought so much to this story, and it was her support, and understanding along with Denver's love that helped Adam come to a much more accepting place. Her character is never treated as a cliché, or a throwaway stereotype, and she is never treated as anything but the woman she is by the author, or the main characters. I really enjoyed this story, and look forward (with some trepidation) to the rest of the series.