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If It Flies (A Market Garden Tale)

If It Flies - Aleksandr Voinov, L.A. Witt I guess this is where I have to say I was wrong in thinking I don't like bondage. Who knew?I went into this book with fairly low expectations. Sure, I liked the authors, and sure I liked the series, but I wasn't necessarily looking forward to this installment that much. I am very glad to be proved wrong.I think what sets the bondage I like (such as in this book) apart from what I do not like (in fact it comes closer to hate than dislike) is the clarity of consent. Books like this set forth very clear rules, and boundaries, and there is a sense that the dominant partner is constantly aware (not supernaturally so, but through a very deliberate process) of how the submissive partner is handling things, and they are not left alone after their sessions. I also get the feeling that the dominant partner knows what he is doing, and is very much in control of himself, and the situation. This was brought home in this book with Nick and the whip.I like how the bondage seems to satisfy a need both men have, and Spencer thrives, and finds fulfillment, and it isn't something he was convinced he liked. They connection between the men felt real, and I liked the feeling of the ending. This was far from Pretty Woman, and there was no "saving" the hooker, or promises of forever, but it still felt like the start of something real. I'm hoping the next one continues where this left off. I'd love to read more about Nick and Spencer.