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Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury in Retrograde - CJane Elliott Not particularly well written, or developed. I found Alex almost too stupid to bare. His obsession with his horoscope, and his unfaithful former lover got old really fast. His way of looking at the world, his general attitude, and way of thinking drove me crazy. He acted like he was a very young teenager for most of the book, and that did not endear me to him at all. I actually liked Ben for the most part, although I have no idea what he saw in Alex. He was even tempered, and free spirited, but found him a bit too nonchalant about his future. Hard to relate to once you reach a certain age, and you realize how important things like health insurance, and an emergency fund can be. The secondary characters were okay, and I was glad that Jeff, while not exactly a good guy, was not quite the complete ass he first appeared to be. Alex just wants him to be something he can never be, and that isn't fair to either one of them. The plot was a bit overwrought, and I didn't really find myself connecting to Alex or his predicament. It's almost sad that he buys into the idea that there isn't a fate worse than being 30, and single. Overall I found it to be trite, and uninspired. An underwhelming read for me.