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The Student Prince

The Student Prince - FayJay I'm so happy, and grateful to my friends for brining this story to my attention. Everything about this story makes me happy. The writing, characterization, plot, and sense of humor just do it for me.How I much do I love this story? Let me give you a few examples that I did not already use as status updates."Oi! Enough with the stereotyping, thank you very much! We don't all get handed a sheep at birth, you know!" Merlin said, in mock-outrage. "We could only afford a picture of a sheep, in our house. A second-hand picture. Of an ugly sheep. We were saving up to buy a plastic one to put in the garden one day, next to the garden gnome." Merlin"He's an evil, anti-royalist, man-hating ninja baby," said Arthur, with feeling. "I've still got the scars from his last assassination attempt. I've given Leon orders to shoot him on sight." on Mordred the kitten"Everything. More or less everything," said the dragon, smiling. "It's marvelous. Very thought provoking. The number of phone-in shows quadrupled overnight, you know, after 'Arthurgate' – I've had some fabulous arguments with stupid people. Very exhilarating. I made one woman sob like a baby! It was almost as invigorating as breathing flames all over a screaming maiden."Ok, I'll stop now, or I'm going to end up reading it all over again instead of looking for quotes. In conclusion the perfect blend of humor, sexy, and heartfelt emotion. Another thank you to my friends. I have no words to express my appreciation.