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Bending The Iron

Bending The Iron - Libby Drew I received this book an an ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed this story. I love how grounded the story felt in the setting, and how real Michael’s situation felt. Living in a rural state with some seriously economically depressed areas his feelings about his job, and his place in life felt honest, and relatable to me. So many people where I live work back breaking jobs they hate so for the insurance, and the steady pay check. Sometimes people are forced to give up on their dreams because they have to take care of others. It’s hard, and a little bit heartbreaking, but it’s reality.I really liked Michael, and I could understand his bitterness, and frustration. I can only imagine how hard it was to feel that there was nowhere that he really fit in. I felt his love for his grandfather, and I felt the pain that his Grandfather’s addiction caused him. It’s hard to love someone who is so bent to destroying themselves. I really liked Eric as well. I liked his positivity, and his belief in Michael. I liked that he respected Michael, but still pushed him to make the changes necessary for Michael to be happy. It wasn’t about Eric trying to remake Michael into someone he wasn’t or the image Eric thought he should be, and I respected that. I enjoyed seeing their connection forming, and the love that grew between them. There might have been an instant attraction, but the love took time to develop, and made the story that much richer, and less clichéd. The ending was well done happy, but in a true to life sort of way. Not a fairy tale happily ever after, but the cumulation of the growth and changes both characters experience.