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Asher's Fault

Asher's Fault - Elizabeth Wheeler I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.An interesting, and well developed coming of age story. It felt rough in places, and at times I felt like the shifts in character’s motivations and emotions shifted a bit too abruptly or unevenly. I wasn’t a huge fan of the religious themes. It wasn’t that they were handled poorly just that they aren’t necessarily my cup of tea. In light of that I was thrilled with the moral complexity, and ambiguity to the story. The characters truly were well nuanced, and complicated people. I appreciated that there were no easy answers, and that people were more than just the total of their flaws, mistakes, and their worst actions. I enjoyed the sensitive handling of difficult topics, and relationships, and the honesty of the storytelling. The ending fit the tone of the story perfectly not happily ever after, but still hopeful.