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Andy Squared

Andy Squared - Jennifer Lavoie I enjoyed Andrew's story of self acceptance, and love. I liked the relationship between him and Ryder, and to me the horses were a nice bonus. I wasn't as wild about Andrew's relationship with his sister Andrea. She was controlling, and nasty, and I think in the end Andrew forgave her way too quickly for what she had caused. She might have said that's not what she wanted to have happened, but she had to have known what her words would have stirred up considering how her school, and their friends. I found with few exceptions, the secondary cast to be a bit flat. The bullying, and the narrow mindedness felt too stereotypically small town, and I would have preferred a more nuanced view of where Andrew was from. It would have given the story more depth, and richness in my view. I did appreciate both Ryder’s uncle, and Matt’s father for breaking the mold in that respect. Overall a pretty good story that could have used a bit more depth in both setting, and secondary characters.