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Cut & Run

Cut & Run - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban I had been waiting to read this series for quite awhile now, and I'm not really sure why. Many of my GR friends really liked it, and it sounded interesting, but I never seemed to get around to it until now. Dear book, I'm sorry I waited so long.Sincerely,MeThis book had almost everything I enjoy in a series. I found the characters to be especially strong. I liked both Zane and Ty, and appreciate that neither man was perfect. They each have their own demons, their strengths and weaknesses, and neither man was the good or bad cop. I like flawed characters, and even more than that I like sharp, snarky flawed characters. The bickering between these two is great, and I love their sense of humor, and timing. I like that neither one is particularly nice, but that doesn't prevent them from being caring, or fundamentally decent people. It's not about Ty saving Zane, or Zane redeeming Ty it's two people growing together. I like that this looks to be a slow building relationship, and is definitely not one of those stories where the moment they have sex suddenly they are deeply in love. They are far from soul mates, and that makes me happy. The plot is engaging, and I found the mystery to be as compelling as the budding relationship. The murders are suitably gruesome, and I liked following the twists and turns of the investigation. Events played out in an interesting way, and the explanation and conclusion were chilling, and creepy. This story was much more than a romance with some light mystery thrown in for conflict, and tension. I also appreciated that each character brought something to the table when it came to understanding, and solving the crime, and that neither one could have done it without the other. They also had to turn to other people for help, with mixed results. I like that this was not something that two people, smarter and better than everyone else, solved on their own. The killer was not easily brought down, and the cases demanded all of their resources to solve. The writing kept me reading, and I enjoyed the tone, and feel of the story. It added so much to the story, and gave it real life, and feeling. Now that I've started I don't think I will be able to stop, and that is not a bad thing at all.