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Breathless - Brigid Kemmerer I received this novella as an ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I do solemnly swear that this is my honest, and unbiased opinion, and was not influenced by anything but my own feelings and impressions.I have to say I had no idea what I was in for when I requested this book. I had never heard of the series, but it looked interesting, so I thought I'd take a chance and request it. I am so happy I did.This novella has such strong, and well developed characters. Even knowing nothing about the series, and I do mean nothing. I found myself quickly drawn in, and caring about ALL of our principal characters. I really, really liked Nick. I liked his vulnerability, and insecurity, his intelligence, and most of all his kindness. He seemed like such an innately good person that it was impossible for me not to like him. Not impossibly, angelically good, but caring in a simple, and honest way. I like that he wasn't the big gay stereotype, and that his sexuality is not the sole source of his anxiety or insecurity. It feels like that when he does get his own volume it won't be a single issue book, and that he will receive the same treatment as his straight brothers.Quinn was also nice developed and complex as well. I've read a lot of adult m/m romance where they have to have the token "evil" female, and I'm so glad these book didn't take that route. Quinn has her own fears, and insecurities, and they are treated with the same respect and understanding as Nick's. I like that being heavy didn't make her sexless, just as being gay didn't for Nick. It was interesting to see the different ways they both dealt with their fears. I really enjoyed their conversation at the end. It really gave me a lot of respect for her, and showed just how much these two care about each other. Having her point of view in the story added a lot, and I wouldn’t have understood so much about all of the characters had it not been there.Adam was another great character. As a dancer other books would have made him weaker, or at least more effeminate, and I was glad to see that this book didn't go that way. He is lithe, and graceful, but masculine as well. He is a strong character secure in who he is, and what he wants, and I appreciate that. His apartment sounds like something someone his age living on his own could afford which was a nice touch, and added to the realism of the story. Let me just say that I've read sex scenes with less chemistry and heat than that one kiss.The plot was interesting, and the outcome of the scene on the beach made me happy. It was nice to see an author not use the same old plot device to end that scene, and it was nice to see a drunk male character act in such an honorable fashion. It was refreshing especially considering the times we live in. The paranormal aspects were interesting, but they in no way overshadowed the real strength of this book: the human experience, and the joys and pains of growing up. An amazingly good read. I have to read the rest of this series. If it’s only half as good as this novella they will still be better than many books I’ve read.