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Spark (Brigid Kemmerer's Elemental Series #2)

Spark - Brigid Kemmerer I found I really enjoyed this story. Getting into Gabriel's head gave me a much better understanding of his character, the fears, and insecurities that drive him, and often lead to friction with his brothers, and others around him. He tries so hard, but sometimes it seems the harder he tries the more he is misunderstood. He isn't always nice, but he has a good heart, and a lot of guilt, and fear which sometimes comes out as anger. Understandable considering his age, and his powers. It was interesting to see how his powers fueled his temper. It added a lot of depth to both the story, and character for me.I really liked Layne as well. It's nice reading a series where the female characters are just as interesting, and flawed as the main characters. I loved her dedication to her brother, and her quick wit. She was more than a match for Gabriel, and she never let herself be pushed around. I liked the pacing of their relationship. It felt natural, and unhurried, and I appreciated that.The secondary characters were well drawn, and I enjoyed that even people you weren't sure about, like Layne's father, showed that they had more than one side, and could be more than who they first appeared to be. I really liked Layne's brother, and the friendship he developed with Gabriel was nice to see how much that connection benefited them both. I also liked Gabriel's friendship with Hunter in this book as well. I love that each book in this series is more than just a romance about each of the different brothers, and that friendships, rivalries, and family bonds all play such important roles.The plot was well done, and I really felt for Gabriel in this story. Events developed quickly, and I found myself drawn deeper into the lives of everyone involved. I'm looking forward to the next book, and finding out more about Hunter.