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Between Two Thorns

Between Two Thorns - Emma Newman I received this book as an ARC through Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed this story. The mix of magic, Victorian manners, and the modern world was interesting and well developed. It took me quite awhile to get into things, and I had a bit of trouble understanding how the different stories were going to fit together, but once I found myself drawn in it was hard to put down. I really enjoyed Cathy. I liked her stubborn, rebellious, and snarly temper. I can imagine how horrible it would be for a smart, and independent person knowing that your only future was to be a decoration sold to whoever would profit your abusive family the most; having no purpose beyond making others look good, or at least not making them look bad. Being constantly under the thumb of one man or another; unable to make any decisions of your own, and having to keep quiet and never expressing what you really think or feel. Her family talks about her being selfish, which I can see in some ways, but no more selfish than they are. I can’t see where either her mother or especially her father has done anything worthy of the loyalty they seem to think she owes them.Will is understandable, and I can admire him in some ways. I like that underneath the façade of the dutiful son he is an he is a pretty independent thinker, and that he is willing to make things work with Cathy. He might not have started out with great intentions, but he doesn't want to them to make each other miserable. I know these things because as the reader I was privy to his inner thoughts. I can see why he and Cathy can’t understand each other, and why Cathy is so resistant to the match. It's not about hating Will, but about hating the situation, and wanting to be her own person. Max was interesting, and I hope there will be more of his story in the next book. I was interested in learning more about the Arbitrators and their role. What I did learn in this book seemed different, and I really liked the gargoyle. The secondary cast of characters were colorful, and interesting, and added a lot to the story. I liked that the Fae were dark, cold, and crazy, and the society build around them reflected that self interest, and superficiality. It made for a nice backdrop to the action and intrigue. I liked the ending, some questions were answered, at least in part, and I was still left wanting more. I will definitely be reading more.