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If You Could Be Mine

If You Could Be Mine: A Novel - Sara Farizan I received this book as an ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. An interesting, and well developed story. I found myself able to connect to Sahar her understand fears, and her hopes, and dreams. Sometimes I found myself a bit frustrated with her judgmental attitude especially towards her cousin, but differences in age, culture, and the fear she had for his safety, which I think her attitude was covering, helped me understand her aa bit better. I was pleased with her growth over the course of the story. I did not like her girlfriend nearly as much. I found Nasrin to be selfish spoiled, and immature. Her arrogant attitude, and constant need to be the center of attention did not endear me to her, and her carless treatment of Sahar didn't help either. I found it hard to connect to why Sahar loved her. I understand how their bond formed, but her continuing devotion to her puzzled me a bit. I must have just passed that point in my life already.I found the other characters in the story to be an interesting, and varied cast. I felt for Sahar's father, and his inability to cope with his loss, and how much he didn't understand about his daughter. Sahar's cousin, and his friends were some of my favorite characters. They brought life, and color to the story, and helped hold my interest when the story dragged a bit. I really enjoyed Nasrin's fiancé. It would have been easy to make him a throwaway villain, or a non-entity, but he was a good person who loved Nasrin, and that helped make the story much richer, and more complex.I liked the ending. I felt that it fit with the story, and my understanding of Sahar and Nasrin's relationship, and bond. I think a more fairy tale ending wouldn't have worked nearly as well, and would never have worked in the real world. It's not that I don't want Sahar to be happy, or that I think that this is just a phase in her life, but that she and Nasrin probably were never going to work out long term. I felt that there was hope for Sahar at the end, and maybe someday she will find a place in the world where she can be happy, and live an honest life.