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Night Shift

Night Shift - Kim Fielding I'm so glad I didn't find out Luka was before I decided to read this book. I really like this book, but if I had known I would have had to be dragged kicking and screaming into reading this book. Not that I didn’t like the author a lot, I just really don’t usually like books with that sort of creature in them.I really liked Aiden, and appreciate that the author didn't treat him like a brainless thug, or a helpless victim. He may have had a rough beginning, he might have made bad choices, but he is far from stupid. I like how hard he is trying to change, not for anyone else, but for himself. I really liked Luka as well. He was kind, caring, and I love how much he supported Aiden without being controlling or overbearing. The secondary characters added so much to the story. His parole officer was wonderful, and I like that it wasn’t just about Luka making Aiden better, but about Aiden making connections, and finding the support he needs to change his life. I like that the choices he made in the past will still make things hard, but that it isn’t an excuse for him to do nothing either. The plot was simple, and I liked that there was no big misunderstanding that drove the characters apart. Aiden does have to think after he finds out the truth about Luka, but there was no artificial conflict, or jealous ex to add tension or drama. I liked that the supernatural elements never took over the story, and that the characters growth and development stayed front, and center. The mythology was different than any other I read, and I liked that. Luka was much more relatable to me because of it. Overall another fun, character driven story, from what is fast becoming one of my favorite authors.This and other reviews from Elspeth and me can be found on our blog