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Engines of the Broken World

Engines of the Broken World - Jason Vanhee Elspeth and I have decided to move our blog, and in honor of my fisr blog post on our new site I have written a different review for our blog.http://asharedbraincell.blogspot.com/I received this book as an ARC through Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.When I started this book I was a little thrown off by the writing style. Something about it was a little jarring in the beginning, but once I got a little ways into the book I became more used to it, and saw how the author was using it to set a tone and mood for the story. I thought the setting for the story was interesting, and well done. I found the world building to be strong, and interesting. I loved the relationship between the brother and sister, and I liked seeing the tension the love and the anger and resentment. It was a nice change from some of the simpler and sappier family relationships found in books for younger readers. My problems arise from Merciful. I found her hard to understand. I know she is fairly uneducated, but her simplicity grated on my nerves. When events started unfolding she seemed unable to process information she was given, and form opinions on her own. She would talk to one character and believe what they told her only to talk to someone else and then believe whatever they told her. I understand she is supposed to be naive and trusting, but it seemed a bit too much for me. The religion never felt like it fit to me, and the characters seemed, especially Merciful, seemed to move from belief to skepticism to belief and then back for no real motivation. I understand that Merciful is supposed to be questioning what everyone has been telling her, but it seems fractured and incomplete. It’s one of those stories I can see where the ending came from, but it just never quite came together in my mind. The pieces were all there, but they just didn’t add up right, or feel quite as scary as they should have. I respect what the author was trying to do, but it just fell short of what they were reaching for in my mind. It wasn’t a bad story, but I didn’t feel as invested as I should have been, so that when the ending arrived instead of feeling for the characters I had mostly stopped caring. Good ideas, and underlying theme bogged down by mediocre characters, and disjointed storytelling, and world building. Could have been much creepier and haunting.