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Taming the Bander

Taming the Bander - Summer Devon I enjoyed this story, but I would have preferred a bit more world building. I just felt like I didn't have a good handle on how shifters worked or fit into society. I also thought some of the conflict felt a bit too inflated, and silly especially towards the end. On the other hand I really liked Vaughn. He was an interesting guy, and I loved his take it or leave it attitude towards his fortune. Jake was interesting, but his self pitying I'm a monster no one will ever love me did get a bit old at times. I liked the balance between the two characters, and how much time they took to get to know each other before love came into the picture. I think Jake's father figure was my favorite character while the other secondary characters needed some depth and interest. Maya, Vaughn's cousin, and Dave Jake's ex stand out in my mind as characters who could have used a little more complexity to make them more fully formed. It would have gone a long ways towards making them work better in the story, and made the plot feel a bit more coherent. Overall a good story that could have been just a bit better.